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Commodity Products

K-Lite Anchored Block™

K-Lite Bulk Fiber™

K-Lite Blanket™

Additional Products

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ETS Schaefer offers a full line of quality ceramic fiber products. Whether it’s blanket or block, bulk or paper, we have it all. Shipments can be made easily and quickly from our Macedonia, Ohio warehouse, providing what you want when you need it. And it doesn’t matter if the shipment is large or small. We are happy to provide the materials for your application.

Our K-Lite™ brand is recognized in the industry as a quality product that provides consistency and desired results. Our materials have been used for decades in various heat containment applications, always providing reliability and value. Not sure what product to use? Just contact us and we can help. One of our sales technicians will assist you with choosing the right product for your application.

For a full listing of available products please check our Line Card Brochure.